DecentRally Offers Supreme Gift to the Decentraland Community

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Amazing things are afoot in the highly adaptable and forward-thinking world of Decentraland. To the benefit of the whole community, the excellent folks at DecentRally have launched an open-sourced, high-octane thrill ride in the metaverse.

In a grand project with the most honourable of intentions, DecentRally has launched a fully operational racetrack in Decentraland, resulting in a magnificent new venue where budding racers can pit their skills against one another in the virtual arena. Therefore, adding an exciting new layer of interactivity to the platform, while also inviting developers far and wide to build their own tracks using their highly polished framework.

This impressive new venue occupies a modest 3 x 3 parcel of metaverse real-estate, wherein, Decentralized denizens can get competitive in all of the traditional ways of a top quality video game racer. It includes two tracks, eight player multiplayer obstacles, boosts, weapons and more.

Through the mighty initiative, DecentRally intends to showcase the supreme power of the Infinity Engine. Therefore, showing developers using the platform exactly what its capable of, while additionally sharing the code for their magnificent build, so the whole community can benefit from their efforts.

Test your mettle on the track >> Here

Take a look under the hood >> Here


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