Decentraland Welcomes its Next Generation of Metaverse Builders

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In a stunning display of community engagement, Cominted Labs recently joined forces with Web3 developer, Dogman, to nurture the next generation of Metaverse builders. Together, running a summer training program that helped young developers create their own experience in Decentraland.

Through the program, a team of eager 15-year-olds got to grips with the finer points of Decentraland. Therefore, taking a deep dive into designing and coding a unique experience in the Metaverse, resulting in an immersive digital playground that would put their more seasoned counterparts to shame.

The future is bright 🚀 This experience in @decentraland was designed & coded in 2 months by a class of 15-year-olds!

We’re happy to have led this training program over the summer together with

— Cominted Labs 👾 (@Comintedlabs) October 21, 2022

Within the tremendous new location, visitors will find areas to explore as well as an inspired gaming element, all wrapped up in a towering three story medieval gothic style edifice that stretches high into the Decentraland firmament.

Once inside, curious explorers will meet a cavernous classroom complete with video screen and desks, while venturing upwards they will encounter a helpful robot NPC who will guide them into the in-house game. This will manifest as a dicey furniture avoidance simulation where players dodge obstacles and collect coins to record a high score. Meanwhile, a stylish accompanying wearable will give players a helpful points boost.

Go take a look around the astonishing build >> Here

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