Decentraland Rolls Out Desktop Client for Windows Users

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Quietly and with very little ceremony, Decentraland has launched what is possibly its most important update yet. As a result, users can now access the platform via the brand new desktop client (beta).

With this phenomenal improvement, denizens of the metaverse will experience a whole host of performance enhancements, arriving in the form of cleaner graphics, faster processing speeds and improved stability. All in all, providing a much more efficient gateway to the virtual world of Decentraland.

To get up and running, simply download the installer and power up the client. Getting in however, requires the scanning of a QR code to connect up. Therefore, meaning that a wallet linked to a smartphone is the preferred way to go. Once in, fans can then enjoy their digital surroundings in all their enhanced glory.

As of now, the desktop client is only available via Windows. However, Decentraland will roll out the technology to further operating systems in the near future, providing a solid base for visitors to the virtual realm that no longer relies on the limitations of a given browser.

As the launch is still in its beta phase, the devs will appreciate any feedback. So, if you spot anything amiss, report your findings to the team and help facilitate the speedy roll out of the full application.

Download the desktop client (beta) >> Here

Report any errors >> Here


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