Decentraland Pre-Built Scenes Ease Creators into the Metaverse – NFT Plazas

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Top notch virtual world, Decentraland, has deployed an all-new feature to help newcomers create a virtual venue in the Metaverse. As of now, those looking to create a digital home, venue, or workplace can access a pre-built scene and customize it to their heart’s desire.

One of the major roadblocks to folks building in the Metaverse is the time and skill it takes to create the perfect location. As a result, virtual worlds like Decentraland find themselves littered with empty plots that are owned by good natured folks without the resources to unlock their full potential.

To combat this metaversal dilemma, Decentraland has now introduced out-of-the-box templates designed purposely to speed up the creation process. As a result, folks far and wide can access and deploy a fully functional scene into their virtual plot of land. Effectively, enabling Decentraland to grow into a bustling and vibrant virtual metropolis.

Decentraland Pre-Built Scenes Encourage Building in the Metaverse

To get going, budding creatives can head to the Decentraland scene builder application and log in via their wallet. Then, they can choose to either start from scratch, or kick off their Metaverse journey via a pre-built template. For now, eager builders can select from ‘The House,’ ‘The Office,’ and ‘The Theatre,’ with ‘The Nightclub’ and further options arriving in the near future.

Once they have chosen their desired starting point, builders can then use the Decentraland asset library to customize it however they please. For example, they can add bespoke imagery, change the floor tiles, add structures and rearrange items. From there, they can then download the scene, share it with their friends, preview it in the browser, and ultimately deploy it in the Metaverse.

So, what are you waiting for, go give it a whirl!

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