Decentraland: Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 – NFT Plazas

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The second installation of the Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week is set to take place towards the end of this march. The four-day event will run from March 28 to 31 and will build on last year’s successful debut. However, this year, Decentraland, brands, and other stakeholders involved will try something different.

This year’s event is themed “Future Heritage.” Thus, attendees can expect to see the opening of a brand-new fashion plaza that will focus on showcasing emerging designers. The goal is to highlight and encourage collaborations between established brands and these emerging talents.

According to Giovanna Casimiro, the Metaverse producer for Decentraland in charge of its fashion week, this is a way to “bring a more critical discussion on the future of fashion” and connect the dots between innovation, legacy, and tradition.

The Metaverse Fashion Week Will Highlight Interoperability

Furthermore, the subject of interoperability will be greatly explored. The previous event didn’t feature much working together between various Metaverses. However, Decentraland developers have worked on this feature, and this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week “will demonstrate the potential of interoperability between open Metaverses, and push the boundaries of what digital fashion can mean.”

Casimiro notes, “One of the core values from the first edition was trying to unite designers and expand the aesthetics and the possibilities for brands. So, after the first edition, we decided to go across metaverses.”

She goes on to add, “When we talk about extending the interoperability, it’s really starting to collaborate with other universes and metaverses to create an agenda [that’s] cross-platform.”

So far, Decentraland has collaborated with other Metaverses such as Spatial and Over, the latter specializes in AR technology and has previously collaborated with Decentraland on a cross-platform wearable design competition.

Tradition and Innovation Collide at #MVFW23 with an all-star lineup ✨

🏠Home of Digital Fashion: The @UNXD_NFT Luxury Fashion District

💫 Neo Designers: The Next Generation of Fashion Designers

💞 Community-Designed Activations

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— Decentraland (@decentraland) February 27, 2023

Honoring A Fashion Icon

The event will also pay tribute to Vivienne Westwood, the “punk queen of fashion,” with a gaming experience that explores her life.

So far, over 30 brands have signed up to participate in this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week. Some notable names visitors can expect to see include Coach, DressX, The Fabricant, DKNY, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Dundas, Adidas, and many more.

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