Decentraland Looks Back on an Eventful Year in a Recap of 2022 – NFT Plazas

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2023 is firmly upon us and this gives us the chance to look back at industry happenings from the last year. One of these comes from the popular Metaverse Decentraland which published its own 2022 recap on December 30, 2022. 

How Decentraland Spent 2022

In a Twitter thread, Decentraland described 2022 as the year that the Metaverse became ‘real’ to many and this can be seen in its various achievements for the year. For example, Decentraland Shipped PC and MAC clients with over 161,000 downloads and brought its VR experience into beta. Furthermore, skin categories were added for its wearables and updates were made to hair and eye colors for avatars. 

2022 was the year the metaverse became “real” for many.

Curiosity rose.

Brands started jumping in.

Creators were empowered to build.

Here are the highlights of what Decentraland and the Decentraland community accomplished to be poised for growth in 2023. ⬇️

— Decentraland (@decentraland) December 30, 2022

In addition, Decentraland also successfully hosted a series of amazing events, including, Fashion Week, Art Week, Pride and phenomenal Metaverse Music Festival, with more to come in 2023. Other notable achievements include 2.7 million NFTs minted, as well as 1 million Unique active users recorded. 

In total, about 1,100 DAO proposals were received, 755 creators received royalties within the ecosystem, and over 200 partners were onboarded by Decentraland. 

In conclusion, the company thanked its users and looked forward to another year:

“It wouldn’t be possible without all of YOU. This is an open invitation to jump in for 2023. Let’s work together so the next iteration of the internet won’t be monopolized by a handful of corporations,” the post said.

Read the full Decentraland 2022 recap >> Here

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