Decentraland Lays Building Foundations with SDK 7 – NFT Plazas

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Following months of anticipation, Decentraland has now launched the beta version of its all new software development kit (SDK) 7. The kit is publicly available for anyone to use and build upon, thus furthering Metaverse development. Among the newly improved features creators can look forward to enjoying are a new UI, improved performance, access to the latest version of TypeScript, expanded external library compatibility, and more.

The kit has been built with three principles in mind: usability, performance, and portability. Still, it’s not the final product, as there are many improvements to come. For now, the goal is to pave the way for the creation of a powerful editor that will allow creators to simultaneously work with visual interfaces as well as code.

The release of SDK 7 coincides with the release of the first version of Decentraland Editor. It’s a tool that helps to both streamline and simplify the process of scene development. Ultimately, the editor should enable visual editing for those who want it. Therefore, being proficient in coding isn’t necessary for scene development, and this makes building in the Metaverse more accessible.

SDK7 Beta is here 📢

The SDK should serve as an open protocol for creating metaverse content—open to any platform that may want to adopt it—accessible for anyone to use. 🙌

SDK7 has been rebuilt with usability, performance, and portability in mind. 💫

— Decentraland (@decentraland) March 7, 2023

Decentraland Intends To Build The Next Version Of Its Editor On SDK 7

Decentraland notes that the next version of its editor will be built upon the foundations set by SDK 7. Additionally, the kit will make it easier to create any variety of alternative projects in the Decentraland ecosystem, therefore impacting performance positively and paving the way for more robust and streamlined multiplayer functionality.

All in all, the new features added to the beta version of SDK 7 include a new UI system that is based on FlexBox, better performance thanks to an optimized flow of internal messages and the UI system, the latest version of TypeScript (ES6), access to more external JavaScript and TypeScript libraries, and many other perks.

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