Decentraland Kicks Off 4-Week Celebration of the Humble Emote – NFT Plazas

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One year on since it first began allowing users to express themselves in the Metaverse, Decentraland has launched a month-long celebration of the humble emote. For the next 4-weeks, fans of the virtual domain can engage with emote spaces, attend workshops, enter competitions, and party through the night, all in the name of digital expression.

In order to add a little of the personal touch to its virtual world, Decentraland launched user-made emotes in September last year. This effectively allowed visitors to communicate with each other in a more fun and engaging way, and added an extra dynamic to their Metaverse experience. Since then, creators have found numerous ways to express themselves through their ability to design, create, and even trade their coveted emotes.

Over the last year, emotes have enabled fans to crowd surf and play air guitar at concerts, compete in emote battles and even hug for the first time ever! Now, as Decentraland looks to expand this technology to more users than ever, it will hold workshops on the basics of creating an emote, and then host parties where they can show them off.

Emotes: a more social way to express your digital identity.

Find or create your own moves. 🕺💃

— Decentraland (@decentraland) August 14, 2023

Win a Share of 20k $MANA in the Spectacular Emote Contest

To add a little incentive for users to create their first ever emote, Decentraland has launched an emote contest following the theme of ‘community.’ As a result, all-comers will have until 7am UTC on September 5 to create and deploy their own personal emotes, cementing their application by completing the required submission form. As an act of good faith, Decentraland has also pledged to refund $120 of the $150 publishing fee for the first submission.

Once the competition has ended, Decentraland’s competent judges will vote on the best emotes, with the top entry receiving 5k $MANA! In addition, 9 runners up and a single ‘community choice’ winner will take away 1500 $MANA each!

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