Decentraland Integrates VRM Files to Share Identities – NFT Plazas

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Trailblazing virtual playground, Decentraland, has introduced an incredible new update to push the boundaries of interoperability. Players can now export their identities as Virtual Reality Model (VRM) files, and use them in alternate Metaverses.

Through the new update, Metaverse dwellers can hone their own particular style within the virtual world. Then, take it for a joyride across other compatible platforms in order to create a uniform identity in the new era of the Metaverse.

To get up and running, players can log into Decentraland, navigate to their ‘Backpack,’ and don their desired threads. All before clicking on the new VRM button on the left of the screen to save the file to their desired location. After which, they will then have the ability to import their Metaverse identity into fellow virtual worlds such as OnCyber, Hyperfy, and the Monaverse.

The latest update marks an important stage in the development of the open Metaverse, as it represents a milestone in the goal of total interoperability. Now, folks exploring the different facets of the virtual realm, can maintain a single identity across multiple platforms.

The next step in interoperability. 🌐🔁

Take your digital identity anywhere you go by exporting your Decentraland avatar as a VRM, then represent yourself in other spaces such as @hyperfy_io, @oncyber, @monaverse, and more!

Show off how you are using your VRMs! 💞

— Decentraland (@decentraland) July 26, 2023

Decentraland Leads the Way as the Metaverse Continues to Build

Despite the recent market-wide setbacks, Decentraland has weathered the crypto winter admirably. Instead of sitting back and resting on its laurels, it has continued to build throughout the unpredictable period. During 2023, it has so far, launched its SDK 7, hosted numerous high-profile events, deployed pre-built scenes for creators, and so much more.

Going forward, it has positioned itself to usher in the next generation of truly immersive gaming and social experiences!

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