Decentraland Goes Live with Onboard Rental Contract – NFT Plazas

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Huge news for Decentraland based property tycoons, LAND-owners can now rent out their prized parcels directly from the onboard marketplace. Essentially, paving the way for a new wave of development from eager, but cash-strapped, young builders.

The new move marks an essential update for the trendsetting virtual world. Consequently, allowing owners to safely and securely lease their digital property within the Decentraland framework. While on the flip side, providing potential builders with a low-cost way to get involved with the platform. This new move will reduce the potential for LAND parcels to become vacant due to owners with a penchant for investment, but without the time to build themselves

📣 Attention LAND owners

You can now rent out your LANDs right in Decentraland’s Marketplace.

Head on over to ‘My Assets’ in the Marketplace and put your LANDs up for rent today!

All the details:

Why rentals for LAND? ⬇️

— Decentraland (@decentraland) December 5, 2022

This much-requested addition to the Decentraland tool kit will allow holders to get the most out of their property investment. Basically, allowing owners to monetize their precious assets without relinquishing ownership. Therefore, expanding the use-case of Decentraland property to reach further than ever before.

To use the new function, parcel owners can simply pull up their property in the Decentraland Marketplace. Then engage with the ‘Rent’ button to set a rental price, duration, and expiry date for the listing. After this, prospective builders can agree to the terms of the contract and take control of the asset for the agreed amount of time.

Find out more about Decentraland rentals >> Here

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