Decentraland Gets Emotional with its Creator-Made Emotes Rollout

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Those familiar with Decentraland will already know about its impactful application of emotes, resulting in carefully designed characteristics that gamers can deploy to illustrate their current mood. As such, users can vent frustration, demonstrate glee, or even wow the crowd with some fancy dance moves, all at the touch of a button.

Now however, the innovative folks at Decentraland will take the idea one step further by introducing the capability for creators to build and market their very own emotes. Consequently, opening the door to a whole new wave of metaverse expressiveness.

Earlier in the year, Decentraland debuted emotes via its much-celebrated Fashion Week. It gifted 19 free-to-use visual expressions to anyone using the platform. Essentially, paving the way for an existing new method of wordless communication within the metaverse. Now however, those with a taste for design can create new visual masterpieces and list them on the Decentraland marketplace, all using a similar process to the production and sale of wearables.

What’s more, Decentraland has also announced its first-ever emotes competition, coming this November to its music festival, the team will challenge all-comers to create the best dance moves imaginable. So, with that kind of heads up, its time to get creating!

Find out more about Emotes >> Here


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