Decentraland Freshens Up With Update Laden June – NFT Plazas

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Magnificent decentralized virtual world, Decentraland, has kicked off June with a slew of mighty updates. Firstly, by pulling its powerful SDK 7 out of its beta phase and secondly, by completely revamping its homepage.

Over the last year, Decentraland has worked tirelessly to develop its all-new SDK 7, a development kit that will allow folks from all walks of life to build in the Metaverse. Essentially, providing an out of the box, no-code, solution for those wanting to create their own haven in the virtual world.

Now that it has shed its ‘Beta’ status, it can unleash its full potential on the general public, who can use its infrastructure to get building. Effectively, supercharging the Metaverse with an open-source selection of tools that any virtual world is welcome to adopt. Those wishing to take SDK 7 for a spin, can download and install the editor and see for themselves what it is capable of.

Furthermore, to celebrate this epic new milestone, Decentraland will launch a terrific ‘Game Jam’ in order to showcase its potential. So, keep tabs on the Decentraland socials on June 19 for the full announcement.

SDK 7 has left Beta 🚀

Bringing you one step closer to the dream of code-free creation, SDK 7 focuses on usability, performance, and portability to improve both the creator and player experience.

Prepare to unleash your creativity. 💫

— Decentraland (@decentraland) June 7, 2023

Decentraland Freshens Up its Homepage with an All-New Look

Adding to its overall ambition, Decentraland has also launched the latest incarnation of its homepage, bringing the first glimpse anyone has of its cutting-edge infrastructure up to date with a raft of intuitive features and eye-catching designs.

Following the update, the Metaverse curious are now met with all of the vital information for getting started in Decentraland. In addition to immediately discovering which areas of its virtual world are trending, with links that will transport visitors directly into the action.

So, for those looking to discover the intricacies of Decentraland and its vivid virtual world, there has never been a better time than now!

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