Decentraland Comes Alive with its First Official Wedding

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Earlier in July, wedding bells rang far and wide as Decentraland hosted its first official wedding in the metaverse, seeing two jubilant folk tie the knot as they embarked on the next leg of their epic journey through life.

Back on July 9, Mr. Liu Xin and the now Mrs. Shang Siyu tied the knot in the physical plane. Then, reaffirmed their vows the very next day within the all new, ultra high-tech venue of the metaverse, during which, no drunk uncles vomited on the bride, the weather remained impeccable and crying was kept to a bare minimum.



— ChinWaan (@decentralandcn) July 18, 2022

During the event, the lucky bride and groom wore bespoke metaverse wearables designed in a collaboration between Digifun and 7 Hey Wave. The groom clad in a golden one-piece suit with matching hat, and the bride resplendent in a flowing gown accentuated in shimmering blue and gold.

So, as love permeated the metaverse, and the happy couple celebrated their special day, history was made in the virtual realm, taking away the need for stuffy meat-world locations and replacing it with a bespoke experience in Decentraland. Then, cementing those promise laden vows by committing them on-chain, forever.

So, without further ado, congratulations to the happy couple!


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