Decentraland Comes Alive Thanks to a Canny Integration of AI – NFT Plazas

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Ever since AI emerged as the new darling of the tech industry, businesses and projects have been busy trying to retrofit it into their existing infrastructure. With this in mind, Decentraland has hit on a novel idea to seamlessly incorporate AI into its virtual world and breathe new life into the Metaverse.

Due to the mass association of all things blockchain into one big seething pot of trepidation, platforms like Decentraland can find themselves a little lifeless at times of market instability, even when the Metaverse as a whole should stand apart from the unstable machinations of cryptocurrencies.

So, in order to add a little soul to its virtual platform, Decentraland has partnered with go-getting AI start-up, Inworld. A self-described “ChatGPT on steroids” that allows users to create distinct AI personalities by attributing a backstory, contextual information, motivation, dialogue style and more to a virtual character. After which, Inworld will then give that character life through the power of AI, which in turn will enable them to engage with folks in a realistic and fluid manner.

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Decentraland Kicks Off its AI Journey with a Trio of Virtual Characters

To get going on its new AI adventure, Decentraland has deployed 3 characters into its Genesis Plazas region. Each of which has its own particular personality traits, history and dialogue style. As a result, visitors can engage with Simone the Robot, an expert on all things Metaverse related, Doge, who will candidly discuss life’s trivialities, and Aisha, a light-hearted skater girl with a positive outlook on the world.

Later down the line, Decentraland has hinted at rolling out AI powered non-player characters (NPCs) to parcel owners. For now, however, they can hit up Inworld and build their own AI driven persona from there!

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