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The Metaverse brings the most surreal experiences to life and some pretty hefty audiences. Decentraland intends to achieve just this with the upcoming Heart of Okeanos event. 

The event, developed in partnership with British artist Petroc Sesti, will be launched on November 29, 2022, at the Cathedral of the Faena Hotel. This event aims to give fans a realistic glimpse of the ReefLine.

An Underwater Spectacle 

The ReefLine is an underwater sculpture park and artificial reef that runs 7 miles parallel to the Miami Beach shore. Sesti has famously created a sculpture replica of the reef using CarbonXinc and offers this as an artwork and a reference point for other creators and conservationists. 

And now, Sesti is taking this further by partnering with Decentraland to develop the Metaverse equivalent of the sculpture for visitors to enjoy.

(1/2) Heart of Okeanos is the brainchild of @xcaminos and Petroc Sesti. It is a coral reef sculpture that will be installed in Miami Harbor. @thereefline

— Decentraland (@decentraland) November 27, 2022

“The environment is a dynamic space, where Heart of Okeanos sculpture transforms in real time based on real time data collected from the oceans.”– Decentraland 

This Metaverse version was developed by artists Juan Pablo Colasso, Bence Vargas and ReefLines digital Master planner Architect Guido Elgueta. It also saw production support of Agustin Di Luciano, and development from William Caine III.

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