Decentraland and Jose Cuervo Launch Tequila-Fuelled Adventure

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Purveyor of fine agave-based liquor, Jose Cuervo, has debuted its very own ‘Metadistillery’ in the Vegas City district of Decentraland, resulting in a wide range of tequila-themed revelry for those thirsty folks traversing the metaverse.

All this week, fans of the fiery spirit can jump into the virtual tequila venue and complete a series of tasks to win thematic prizes, including a fine set of Decentraland wearables, classy Jose Cuervo branded merch, and tremendous NFTs. This is all in addition to exploring the brand-new facility and making friends along the way.

To stand a chance of taking away some of the spoils, fans must get to work within the tequila-fuelled playground by partaking in a world of interactive farming, volleyball, and drinks mixing challenges. They can do this all while learning about the wonderful world of blue agave and the mysteries contained within its sacred leaves.


— Jose Cuervo (@JoseCuervo) July 22, 2022

Those ready to join in the fun need only dismiss the age verification tab, before ambling inside to sample its grand celebration of alcohol. As an additional bonus, those venturing into its halls can also claim the event POAP for their troubles.

So, polish up those shot glasses, get the salt and lime at the ready, everyone’s favourite Mexican tipple has arrived in the metaverse!

Jump into the Jose Cuervo Metadistillery >> Here


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