Decentraland Adds Cool New Feature to Aid Metaverse Navigation

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As Decentraland gets ready to host the biggest Metaverse event of the year, another cool new feature has arrived on the platform. Now, those gazing longingly towards the horizon, will see a patchwork of colour representing the distant landscape.

Due to the large amount of processing power required to render virtual worlds, Decentraland’s landscape remains unadorned until approached. Previously represented by drab green as far as the eye can see, giving few clues as to what exciting features lay ahead. Now however, Decentraland has upgraded its platform to show a different colour depending on the kind of parcel present.

You can now see what’s ahead of you in #Decentraland!🔮

When you look to the horizon, the LAND before you will be color coded depending on what’s there.

🍐 Light Green: Scene Deployed
🌲Dark Green: Empty Parcel
🐀Grey: Road
🏀Orange: Plaza

— Decentraland (@decentraland) November 8, 2022

Going forward, Decentraland’s horizon will look more like the contrasting fields of the countryside in order to guide metaverse travelers to their destination. As such, empty parcels will show up dark green, scenes light green, roads in grey, and plazas a vibrant orange. Therefore, providing a clear idea where the built-up areas peddle their wares, or, where to find solitude when the time calls for it.

Users can take a look at the cool new feature right now, or they can wait a day and join in the fun at Decentraland’s amazing Metaverse Music Festival. Either way, taking the time to appreciate the cool new feature!

Jump into the fun >> Here

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