Davidson Ospina Launches Britney Spears Platinum Record NFT

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World-renowned music producer and DJ, Davidson Ospina, has announced details of his first ever NFT collection. As a result, fans can now acquire non-fungible tokens representing a genuine RIAA certified platinum plaque.

The item in question features Davison’s epic remix of pop icon Britney Spears totemic anthem, “Baby, one more time,” representing one of three remixes he produced for the turbulent star. Collectors and fans will now have a chance to own a genuine piece of music history.

In total, 1,000 editions of the plaque will grace the blockchain, arriving in a series of sales on OpenSea scheduled throughout March. Once purchased, owners will then become eligible for a whole bunch of extra utility. Unlockable content will allow access to further remixes of the song, hi-res video NFTs, as well as yet unconfirmed bonus material.

Dropping my first 1000 Limited Edition Collection #NFTs on @opensea in March of my official RIAA-Certified Platinum Plaque for @britneyspears…Baby, One More Time remix.
🔓 Unlocking Future Remixes & other great utilities. #britneyspears#babyonemoretime#davidsonospinapic.twitter.com/bUYITlzG7Z

— Davidson Ospina (@davidsonospina) February 27, 2022

The song itself represents a milestone in Davidson’s career, reaching the magnificent sales tally of one million copies. As a result, he has opted to share this success with the wider world. Going forward, the highly successful music producer sees NFTs as the future of the industry, and therefore will position himself at the forefront of the technology.

Check out the NFTs on OpenSea >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/davidson-ospina-launches-britney-spears-platinum-record-nft/

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