Dapper Labs to Lobby For NFT-Related Issues in Congress

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A recent public disclosure has announced that industry giants Dapper Labs have federally registered to lobby with the United States government. The Vancouver-based company joins a growing list of crypto-industry influencers that have taken to the floors of Congress to influence new policies, however the company becomes the first to list ‘NFTs’ as their specific subject of interest.

In order for Dapper Labs to bring NFT-related issues into crypto-policy matters at The United States Capitol, they have recruited federal relations, advocacy, and advisory firm Crossroads Strategies. The D.C.-based firm will act as Dapper Labs lobbying firm, and have since stated their intent to lobby for ‘policy related to NFTs, blockchain and financial services’.

To further ensure a productive position in Congress, the company also appointed a ‘Head of Government Affairs’ in November 2021. The position went to Alison Kutler, former chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau and special advisor to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Although Dapper Labs is yet to release extensive insight into the outcomes it wants to render for the NFT industry from its new congressional influence, company spokesperson Rachel Rogers has disclosed its core ambition to promote ‘education and mainstream adoption of Web3.’

With the uprise of NFT influence in mainstream culture, the addition of Dapper Labs to the US government’s near 12,000 list of lobbyists will allow lobbyists and policymakers alike to continue grappling with the implications and understanding of blockchain technology on future regulations.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/dapper-labs-to-lobby-for-nft-related-issues-in-congress/

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