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On July 27 a year long NFT experiment conducted by artistic powerhouse, Damien Hirst, drew to a close. The experiment was all about making its participants choose between the familiarity of the physical world, and the exciting opportunities afforded by the blockchain.

Over a period of 365 days, collectors of Damien’s 10k ‘The Currency’ artworks were forced to make a choice – back the tried and trusted realm of real life, or embrace the Web3 world and take a trip down the NFT rabbit hole. When the dust had settled, the IRL paintings won out by the smallest of margins, seeing 5,149 items redeemed in favour of physical art, while 4,851 will remain locked forever as NFTs, leaving their counterparts destined for whatever fiery pit Mister Hirst has in store.

Now however, in a monumental twist, Damien himself has taken the time to share his own experiences on the matter. As a result, the infamous shark embalmer revealed that after much turbulent deliberation, he has decided to keep all 1,000 of his own items firmly in the digital domain, citing his love for the NFT community as a core driving force in his decision. Therefore, he is condemning every single piece in his possession to the first ever Hirst family art barbecue.

I have been in the physical art world a long time and I expect people to have agendas and shit, and I’ve seen a lot of bollox and I’m amazed at how this community breeds support and seems to care about shit so in the end I decided I have to keep all my 1000 currency as NFTs…

— Damien Hirst (@hirst_official) July 27, 2022

With one of the greatest artists of the 21 century taking the side of the almighty blockchain, the project has not run its course, it has only just begun.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/damien-hirst-succumbs-to-nft/

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