CurioNFT’s ‘Blocks” Take NFTs To The Next Level

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.


More and more projects are being built in the metaverse, multiverse or web3. The different ideas that can be found behind these projects are exciting because they bring us a little closer to the goal of decentralizing the web. And so, create an open and decentralized meta-universe.

This idea is also supported by CurioNFT which recently set up Blocks

About CurioNFT’s Blocks

CurioNFT’s Blocks

Blocks act like a gallery with a game engine which creates additional utility for your Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs):  unique 3D environment and display mechanism for NFT collections. They are an exciting new way to showcase your NFTs in the metaverse, create storytelling opportunities, and interact with communities.

CurioNFT created Blocks to empower the utility to create, flex, share, and earn through the platform.

Create, Flex, Share and Earn with Blocks



Create custom spaces to experience and display your NFT collections. Blocks can be personalized by you and other users!  Blocks allows a wide variety of new designs and fun features for their NFT collections to shape a full custom user experience. Choose unique environments, add your NFTs, and flex them to your friends. 


Who doesn’t like to “flex” an expression of ourselves? Your digital collections reflect your personality and Blocks is a great way to customize your NFT collection to show the world !  Make static environments dynamic and craft new worlds to explore with Blocks. Show the latest projects you’ve appreciated and share them with others.


One important thing in the NFT ecosystem is sharing. Blocks takes the collecting beyond acquisition and makes it more social, engaging, and fun. It’s important to invite others to check out your Block and visit theirs. Be inspired and share your creations and collaborate with others. The more connections, the more opportunities to engage and earn points.  


Finally, it’s important to know that CurioNFT thought about giving back. The more you interact with Blocks, the more chances you have to get rewarded. As you create and share your Blocks, you earn points that will allow you to claim rewards. In the future, points can be converted to Tokens! 


As the metaverse develops, CurioNFT believes this kind of growth, imagination, and innovation are essential to keep the NFT market from becoming stagnant and oversaturated. CurioNFT sees a commitment to storytelling and investment in value-added features like Blocks as part of our differentiation in a marketplace crowded with purveyors of simple, low-utility collectibles.

This is why CurioNFT invites those with vision and ambition to think beyond the collectible and join the journey with Blocks. Blocks’ next phase with new utility and new environments launches this month.

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