Cryptovoxels Blazes a Trail with Scarcity Island Governance

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Scarcity Island, the microcosmic governance experiment from Cryptovoxels is ready to test out its voting mechanism. As a result, the wily metaverse is looking for proposals on how to decorate the region’s untouched parcels.

To submit a proposal, just comment the idea via the related tweet, or alternatively get all creative, build out the imagined design and add it to the asset library with the title “scarcity proposal”. Anyone can submit an idea, however, only scarcity landowners can vote on it. Participants must tender their fanciful concepts by February 20, with voting taking place between February 20 and 28. So, if you really want that 200-metre-tall Godzilla statue in the middle of Scarcity Island, get that ball rolling.

1st Proposals & Vote

How should we decorate the untouched parcels?

Suggest in the comments, or build something and add it to the Asset Library with “Scarcity Proposal” in the description.

Anyone can comment or build, but voting is only for Scarcity residents!

— Cryptovoxels (@cryptovoxels) February 3, 2022

Scarcity Island is Cryptovoxels’ epic precursor to all out governance, where they work to iron out the complexities of running a virtual country. A vast and particularly elegant method of designing out the Cryptovoxels governance token, the long-awaited native coin of the Cryptovoxels empire.

So, do what you can to help the team along. Get creative, drop in that mighty proposal, and let the people vote on Cryptovoxels’ next great landmark. A monolith to stand proud in the annals of metaverse history.

Get involved >> Here


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