to Generate NFTs Based on Each Lap of F1 Race

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The sport of F1 has always prided itself on creating once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences through the sheer speed, noise, and excitement in which their relentless races produce. However, like many experiences, owning a piece of its essence is something that is far too abstract to even comprehend. Fortunately, the official title partners of the upcoming Miami Grand Prix,, are on a mission to dissolve such limits, by creating a collection of NFTs which uniquely depict the sound, speed, and data of each of the race’s laps. 

To transform the characteristics of each lap (which traditionally, can only be described through pundit commentary), will be setting up sensors around the iconic track, which will then pick up the speed, sound, and data of each of the cars in real time. Such data will then be fed back to the company’s on-site NFT gallery ‘Kinetica,’ which will then blend the data with an artistic algorithm to generate unique, lap-specific NFT artworks. 

With there being 57 laps in the race, there will be 57 dynamically generated NFTs in the offering, which can each be won by fans who create a account and register their interest before 11:59PM EST on May 8th (i.e. race day). Every successful submitter will also receive a commemorative ‘Miami Race-Day’ NFT.

To further commemorate the inaugural and first of nine ‘ Miami Grands Prix,’ eight local artists have each been assigned a section of the track as inspiration for an original piece of art. Each artist will impose their artistic styles onto their respective piece of track outline, with the eight sections then being comprised together to create a diverse and flowing collection of art pieces which are tied together through the medium of a singular racing track.

The artwork will be displayed at Kinetica throughout the entire race weekend (May 6-8), which all fans attending the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix will be able to visit.


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