Secures Groundbreaking MoU with Fantagio

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World-spanning NFT platform, has entered into a ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’ with Korean entertainment company, Fantagio. Together, they will be launching a series of future collaborations based on Fantagio’s portfolio of artists.

The first such endeavour saw distribute NFTs in celebration of much loved metaverse K-Pop idol, ‘Meta Miu’. A unique Web3-based project that sees the enigmatic star operate entirely in the metaverse, all made possible through a collaboration between Fantagio and Web3 entertainment company, Fellaz.

Via the drop, occurring on August 11, circulated copies of Meta Miu’s debut single, ‘Uptown Boy,’ arriving in the shape of five exclusive music NFTs, four representing components of the song, while the fifth features the track in its entirety. Following the drop, anyone in possession of the complete song will receive a Fellaz ‘light stick,’ which in turn will enable access to the Fellaz platform and the bonus content contained within.

Live Now 🚨

“Meta-Miu : Uptown Boy” shares her journey, from roaming around Gangnam Station to hopping on a train in hopes of becoming a star.

Don’t miss out on this metaverse idol and cat 🐈

— NFT (@cryptocomnft) August 11, 2022

As of writing, the collection has completely sold out, therefore, collectors must look to the secondary market to acquire their NFTs.

“Through this MoU, we want to introduce a new fandom culture for the Web3 era, where fans and artists can be directly connected through NFT,” “We will collaborate with Fantagio to discover new ways for fans around the world to experience K-content.”– Patrick Yoon – General Manager, Korea

“This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce the world to the debut song of Meta Miu, which we have produced with Fantagio,” “Beginning with the drop of the Meta Miu NFT on, we will showcase one-by-one the blueprint for the next-generation entertainment business that Fellaz is planning.”– Bobby Bhatia – Fellaz CEO

Check out the Meta Miu drop >> Here


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