Launches “Moment of Truth” LeBron James NFT Collection

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At this year’s Super Bowl, massive Web3 ecosystem,, debuted its first ever big game feature. A short, intimate portrait of basketball legend, LeBron James, back in 2003, as he sat at the cusp of greatness. Tugging at the nation’s heart strings, a young LeBron seeks advice from his older, wiser self. In turn, setting off a chain of events that would change basketball forever. Following this key life decision, LeBron eventually rose up through the ranks of basketball’s finest players to become the “GOAT (Greatest of all Time)”.

To commemorate this excellent feature, launched an incredible set of behind-the-scenes NFTs chronicling its creation, accessible only to eagle eyed viewers armed with the knowledge of the company’s love of Easter eggs and hidden content.

Therefore, in a blink-and-you-miss-it scene at the ten second mark, a QR code appeared which, upon scanning, took the sleuth minded viewers to a secret web page that once registered would qualify them for the brand new LeBron-themed NFT drop.

1646993110 crypto lebron james nft collection 2.jpg

The LeBron James Non-Fungible Experience

From the pool of worthy individuals, selected 5,550 lucky winners to receive an exclusive NFT from the “Moment of Truth” collection. A grand assortment of incredible photographs taken on set at the creation of the film, all rendered in all their retro glory with a set of Polaroid-styled digital frames.

The collection itself comes in three tiers, representing 15 different designs with three degrees of scarcity. First up, tier 3 is made up of 5 distinct images in editions of 1,000 NFTs, each featuring on-set details and Easter eggs from the film. The middle tier comes in at 5 images of 100 each, and covers the nostalgia highlighted in the video, while the rarest, tier 1, features LeBron himself behind the scenes at the shoot.

As of now, has distributed the NFTs to their lucky owners, and are therefore only available through the secondary market. As a result, these highly collectible items represent some of’s most desirable assets. All the while, giving back to the community every time one changes hands.

Giving Back to the Community

Despite becoming the world’s best ever basketball player, LeBron James has never forgotten his roots. So, in order to give something back to the community that moulded him, he has created the LeBron James Family Foundation. An exceptional organization that provides the tools and resources needed to bring new opportunities to the people of his home town, Akron.

To this effect, will charge a 5% royalty fee for every single transaction on the secondary market. All of which, will go towards educating the local community in Web3 technology and providing an all-round self-development experience to the place he calls home, to lay the building blocks for the next generation of tech-minded entrepreneurs.

Browse the LeBron James Moment of Truth collection >> Here


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