CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Wibaux

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Hi there art lovers, welcome to another round of CryptoArt Sundays. This is always one of my favorite features of the week to prepare for NFT Plazas, as I get to speak to amazing NFT artists and introduce them to the world. 🙂

This week I bring to you the inspirational, talented, and super cool French artist Wibaux. She’s been a professional painter for 15 years. In her own words, her works are inspired by her childhood in Congo, her tribulations in the world, and the fragility and poetry of our planet.

Wibaux loves to recreate her physical paintings through digital mediums and add extra touches of the imagination to them through sounds and animation.

She has some really interesting takes on the future of CryptoArt, so let’s take a dive into the interview and see what this special artist has to say!

How did you discover the NFT space, and what inspired you to create your own NFTs?

I discovered the NFT space through my son who was interested in cryptocurrencies and encouraged me to get started. The Covid pandemic having disrupted all the possibilities of physical exhibitions, the market for physical paintings being saturated, the idea of going to conquer such a new world and of global scope, was very exciting! You know, a year ago, very few French artists had heard of NFTs.

How often do you create?

I try to devote time every day to creation, but also staying present on social networks (especially Twitter) is as time-consuming as it is key if you want to hope to get known (that’s how you discovered my work ☺).

What is your creative process?

What I really like about NFTs is the new life I can give to my physical paintings and I have so many! My first choice was to animate some of them by integrating sounds, after having reworked them digitally.

Are there any CryptoArtists you would like to collaborate with?

Last July, Cedric Fangeat, a multi-talented artist and a virtuoso in animations, contacted me for a collaboration and proposed to me to animate and create the music on one of my works called “The Healing” listed on Foundation. What a wonderful surprise and what a fabulous encounter!

We share the same values and the same mother tongue (French). I am very grateful for his fabulous friendship and support. Concerning other collaborations, I trust what the future holds for me.

What do I think the future of CryptoArt will look like?

CryptoArt is like the birth of a planet in the universe!

For example, I imagine that in a short time, the walls of our homes will be covered with digital artworks that collectors will be able to change according to their moods. We can also imagine that we will no longer need traditional house painters to paint our walls nor architects to define where to place the walls, etc.

I always dreamt of being able to exhibit animated paintings with sound, it’s done now. But you know, what I am looking forward to is the day when it will be possible to add virtual smells!

What are you currently working on?

Today, in parallel, I have started creating collections of portraits and live models that I edit digitally and that will be at more affordable prices on OpenSea and KnownOrigin. Gas fees represent a big budget, so I hope to be able to sell my NFTs more easily, to list more artworks, and collect some of artists I like.

Where can collectors find your work?

Collectors can find my NFTs essentially on Foundation and KnownOrigin, and my physical paintings here.


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