CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Miaiwa

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Welcome to CryptoArt Sundays everyone! Today I introduce you to a very talented illustrator, Miaiwa.

As you may have seen from previous articles on here, I have developed a love for anime and illustrations this year. So I had to get a glimpse into the world of this amazing artist.

Let’s dive into this short but sweet interview!

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

I found NFTs on Facebook in July of 2021 and got an invite from a Thai creator. NFT art is something very new to me. After that I did a lot of research on it.

1641926166 miaiwa1

How often do you create?

Almost everyday, when I have some specific ideas in my head.

What is your creative process?

The creative process depends on the concept and emotions first, I always draw what I like. I have inspiration that comes from music, movies, books, etc. When I have ideas I make note of them to use later, but if an idea just won’t come, I don’t force it. I do something else for a while to take my mind off drawing. In no time, the ideas will come flooding back in.

1641926168 miaiwa

Are there any CryptoArtists you would love to collaborate with?

Sure, I have a really long list, from the top of my head Paerytopia, Dektalk, Jung, Mami.

What do you think the future of CryptoArt will look like?

I’m not sure because It’s a new outlet for many creators but for now I enjoy meeting new people.

1641926170 miawia4

What is your full time job? 

I’m a freelance illustrator and 3D modeler.

Where can collectors find your work?

I’m selling my work on Foundation and OpenSea.


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