CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Lily Lorelei – NFT Plazas

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It’s time for another round of CryptoArt Sundays! Meet Lily Lorelei, a wildly talented graphic designer, painter, and writer.

Lily’s imaginative and whimsical creations immediately caught my eye. Each creature tells a story and captivates you into her world of art. If you enjoy surrealism, magic, or humour, then read on to find out more about this incredible artist and see her art below!

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

My fiancé who is a photographer is always searching for ways to achieve our dreams. So he was listening to a man called Gary Vee. I remember listening in the background, he sounded passionate. And it’s through YouTube videos of Gary V that I found out about NFTs.

At first I thought that it’s projects only. I hadn’t realised that an artist/graphic designer could create what we call 1/1. It took me some time to look in depth. But then when I saw some incredible artists, some of them being in real life galleries, I got very interested. It was great to see women from all over the world, people that before this had no opportunities, to finally get a chance! I felt the “bigness” of this innovative idea. Like every new thing, it takes some time to mould into place. But I knew from early on that NFTs are not just a new platform to seek art. It’s so much more.

At the time I was a working freelance graphic designer, which was ok but I didn’t love it and also as a waitress. NFTs attracted me because I realised that I can create whatever my heart wants. I can finally create what makes me happy! Not to please a client, but to create from my own imagination. That was the freedom I’ve been looking for, to be able to be myself and meet other passionate people.

1659458407 lily

How often do you create?

I create almost everyday. When I don’t paint, I write stories. I adore storytelling! And not everything I create is an NFT, sometimes it’s just for me. But each NFT takes me about 4-6 days to finish. I try not to rush it. The 1-2 days that I don’t create, will be because, well, I need to clean my house and see some people and all of that! 😉

1659458418 lily4

What is your creative process?

I have a sketchbook where I have about a trillion ideas! My mind sees images constantly, especially before I sleep. To create a new NFT, I will sketch it in paper and make notes. The character takes form and a personality at this point. Then I will begin sketching in Adobe photoshop with my pen and tablet. I create many layers, so that I can remove something if it is not working, with ease. A lesson well learned. This takes about 3 days, as I add each line and colour with my hand. After that, I will open the psd file onto After Effects and begin the animation process.

1659458425 lily5

Are there any CryptoArtists you would love to collaborate with?

Oh yes, I am a huge fan of many artists I have met in the space. Many people inspire me daily. I will be collaborating with @otto_kind soon. He is one of my favourite artists and people, I’m excited for that! It would be a pleasure to collaborate with lucatheastrona1, sabet, FerCaggianoArt, AnaKim_art, ArchanNair, and MarlonNFT. This list is a very long one! 🙂

1659458433 lily3

What do you think the future of CryptoArt will look like?

I like to see the bigger picture in everything. So I am certain that CryptoArt is going to thrive. I am aware of those that don’t agree with me. However art always thrives, one way or another. Regardless of the ups and downs of markets.

Because it’s not only beautiful imagery, often it goes deeper than that. It connects people on another level. If we look back, every new idea seemed crazy and silly to people, until it worked! And everyone accepted it eventually. Because humanity craves art.

NFTs are giving the opportunity to everyone to be a part of it, artists and collectors alike. There are musicians, photographers, filmmakers, even Oscar winners, animators, painters, writers.. NFTs are oozing creativity. The connections we make in the space, are beyond your wildest imagination!

To be on Twitter Spaces with Jim Carrey, have the legendary Sir Anthony Hopkins collecting a painting I’ve created…I doubt that that would have happened, if CryptoArt didn’t exist. This is why I named my collection “Heads in Clouds”.

For all the dreamers, innovators and believers out there. Just like Einstein said, imagination is intelligence having fun. Don’t let anyone steal your dream from you! A star has died for that dream to come true. If the stars believe in you, so should you. What other people think, is irrelevant. It’s you and your dream, listen only to the subtle voice within you.

1659458442 lily6

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a new artwork for my sold out OpenSea collection “Heads In Clouds”, where I’ll be adding a new 1/1 every week. I am also painting for my Foundation collection called “Carnival Hearts”. Once I finish the animation and writing the stories, I’ll mint them, which is pretty soon. I have set aside my writing for a while, (I write books) because NFTs are now my only income and I am so passionate about them, that I want to give it my all.

1659458451 lily1

Where can collectors find your work?

I’ve created my own website, where I have all of the links to my work on the top and bottom headers, OpenSea, and Foundation.

1659458460 lily2


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