CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Carl Ansloos

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Welcome to CryptoArt Sundays folks! I recently stumbled across the impeccable art of Carl Ansloos. And oh my goodness, do I have visual treat for you below.

His art is just so incredibly vivid, fluid, and fantastic. I was browsing through Twitter when I came across artworks from his latest NFT collection dubbed “The Masquerade”. The artworks immediately engaged my imagination and I had to know who was behind these phenomenal pieces.

So, as I do, I reached out to Carl to share his magic with all of us CryptoArt lovers. So let’s dive in and find out more about his NFT art journey so far and his experience as a contemporary artist.

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

I first came across the NFT space in early 2021 whilst reading articles online highlighting the work by artists such as Trevor Jones. The space was electric, and I was connecting with artists from all over the world rather than on a regional basis. Until this time, there had not been such an outpouring of creative energy on such a global level.

I think most artists by nature are innovative and open to new ideas and I was excited by the challenge to learn about this new technology. Minting an artwork on the blockchain provided solid provenance, self-governance, low commission fees and the prospect of royalties through secondary sales.

I got inspired by the art that is being created in the space, artists pushing the boundaries and breaking the traditional rules. It was an easy decision for me to jump straight in and start experimenting. Prior to this, I had already been thinking about virtual spaces and new ways that art could be displayed and viewed during the lockdown.

1651397106 The Masquerade scaled 1

How often do you create?

I am creating daily; some days are taken up with planning and promotion but mostly painting which is what I love to do.

1651397119 To Dance the Dream called Art 767x1024 1

What is your creative process?

Often, I begin my paintings with a traditional brunaille or loose underpainting or sketch. I then build up the composition using my original ideas and drawings. I paint mostly in oil or acrylic, adding detail, and changing components as the painting develops.

It is quite common that just when I think the painting is finished, new ideas formulate and override the original concept. Inspiration and ideas often transpire in the form of visions and dreams.

1651397124 Masquerade detail 1024x1024 1

Are there any CryptoArtists you would love to collaborate with?

There are so many incredible artists in the space but also a growing number of poets, writers, performance artists and musicians. I think that a collaborative piece with art and poetry would be a great project in the future.

1651397129 The Importance of Being scaled 1

What do you think the future of CryptoArt will look like?

It is difficult to predict and moves at lightening speed. There are new advances every day and some incredible people building behind the scenes. I would like to think, that there will more mainstream adoption.

We are already seeing great IRL events happening such as NFT Paris, Miami, NY and most recently in LA, so I think that we will see more of this. Art galleries are also starting to engage with the space. Art exhibitions, both virtual and IRL are gaining popularity and there are some pioneering fashion designers creating the most avant-garde wearables.

Display technology is becoming more advanced and accessible and I think you will start seeing more digital art on display in public places and private business.

1651397141 Masquerade detail 2 scaled 1

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a new body of work, ‘The Masquerade collection’ celebrating self-expression and individuality. This hand painted series uses the concept of the masquerade to illustrate the adoption of the ‘alter ego’ or avatar and the connection between anonymity and personal empowerment. Whilst exploring these themes, I am seeking to promote innovation, diversity, and creativity within this space. It is a theme that I have always been interested in and can be seen in my earlier works too.

1651397155 The Imaginary Horse that Saves Me. scaled 1

Where can collectors find your work?

My current collection is with KnownOrigin. 

1651397166 Sitting with Cezanne


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