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Following months of hard graft and tactical development,’s flagship NFT collection, Loaded Lions, has finally made its debut onto the Web3 gaming scene. As a result, players can now enter the beta version of its ‘Loaded Lions: Mane City’ tycoon simulator and become the overlord of their very own digital metropolis.

Built on the lightning-fast Cronos blockchain, the new game brings together several elements of the NFT ecosystem. As a direct result of this, players must own a piece of ‘The First Frontier’ NFT Land before they can participate. Once in their possession, however, they can then begin to construct their very own virtual environment influenced by the design elements of the NFT.

Gameplay itself requires players to collect diamonds generated from their land, and gold from their virtual businesses, then use it to expand their own personal microcosmic empire. They can achieve this mighty feat by deploying a wide variety of businesses, dwellings, and recreational facilities, to level up their earning power. While, an additional section of gameplay will also allow participants to design and furnish their own mighty mansion!

Coming in a variety of 5 different rarities, the scarcity of each slice of real estate will effectively impact the earning power of the city built upon it. The gold earned while playing the game will then feed into a daily leaderboard and reward the best performers in the Loaded Lions: Mane City game!

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Early Access and Loaded Lions Perks

As mentioned earlier, users can gain early access to the game by owning a piece of coveted ‘The First Frontier’ Land. This land first arrived on the NFT platform last December and is now only available via the NFT and Minted secondary marketplaces. However, the team has also hinted at an ‘invite’ facility coming later down the line that will allow non-NFT holders to join in the fun.

In addition, holders of the original Loaded Lions NFTs will also reap the rewards of their loyalty to the collection. As a result, those holding onto one of the prized tokens within their account will receive special in-game perks such as speed boosts, and more!

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More to Come from Loaded Lions: Mane City

As this initial launch only represents the beta version of the game, Mane City players can expect a lot more from the Loaded Lions as the platform evolves. Therefore, players will see more gaming modes, and excellent modifications coming in the future. This includes, the ability to trade blueprints and pre-fab buildings, as well as a chance for players to compete against each other.

So, as NFT continues to innovate, its latest savvy move has seen it pivot into the rapidly expanding Web3 gaming market!

Find out more about Loaded Lions: Mane City >> Here

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