Crypto Chicks Unravels After Revealed Stolen Artworks

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Controversy has once again reared its ugly head in the NFT realm. This time around, arriving in the shape of the Crypto Chicks and a host of plagiarized artworks.

Trouble began to brew when NFT Twitter’s accumulative gaze landed on the work of Brazilian artist, Illustramanda. A talented illustrator who appeared to have drawn Crypto Chicks’ designs a full three years before the launch of the project. Then, following further investigation it came to light that the project was built almost entirely from stock images.

What followed is a predictable chain of events. The floor price crashed from a lofty 2.49 ETH ($6,500) down to a lowly 0.31 ETH ($812). Then, project moderators released a statement denying knowledge of the plagiarism while also parting ways with their artist and pledging to stand by the project.

Despite all of these meaningful words however, a rather large fly still resides within the ointment. As tweets from way back in November resurfaced, highlighting these very same concerns. Back then, nobody took any notice, but as the project gained traction, it became subject to greater scrutiny, where everything eventually unravelled.

Just found out someone blatantly traced illustramanda’s old work from 2018 and has been selling variations of it for thousands of dollars as an NFT. Gotta love art theft 🙄

— Kit (@HypertonicKitty) November 3, 2021

As it stands, investing in PFP collectibles represents a minefield of shady projects, shortcuts and empty promises. So, as always, be vigilant, do your own research, and choose projects wisely.

Image credit via: Illustramanda


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