Crypto Cannabis Club to Launch Landmark NFT-Powered Brand

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Crypto Cannabis Club are making major moves in the stoner NFT space through their new partnership with CampNova, a cannabis direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform. The partnership has been crafted in order to facilitate the project’s launching of the first ever NFT-powered cannabis brand.

The brand, which is expected to debut in March 2022, will initially launch a product line which entails 1/8th ounce (around 3.5 grams) packages of premium cannabis flower, which will also feature custom artwork from Crypto Cannabis Club. Three packages from the production line will also include an NFToker NFT, which are currently being valued at over $600.

The products will be available to all legal cannabis consumers in California, with members of the community who own an NFToker NFT receiving a substantial discount on their order. The savings the holders will receive are a prime example of the member benefits which were promised to be embedded in the 10,000 piece collection, back in its landmark launch in August 2021.

CampNova are not the first premium cannabis brand to put pen to paper with Crypto Cannabis Club, as the likes of Highsman, Old Pal, Dr. Dabber, King Palm, Higher Standards, Vibes Papers and Marley Naturals have all contributed to the project’s high-flying journey to becoming the first NFT collection to provide members with real-world, consumable cannabis.

In addition to this innovative, entrepreneurial endeavour, Crypto Cannabis Club host ample other opportunities for community members to get their hands on ganja-inspired products and experiences.

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