Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar Makes NFT Debut – NFT Plazas

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Sachin Tendulkar has secured his place as one of the all-time cricket greats in the world, often being referred to as the “God of Cricket”. Now, Tendulkar is taking on a whole new challenge by launching his first NFT project thanks to a new partnership with Rario, an NFT platform that is mainly focused on cricket-based assets. 

This partnership with Rario will see Tendulkar release content that documents pivotal moments in his life and career as NFTs. But more than that, Tendulkar will be making an investment in Rario as it works towards becoming a go-to platform for cricket NFTs. 

It has already taken steps towards this, teaming up with players such as Aaron Finch and Rishabh Pant. But the addition of Tendulkar is perhaps one of its most high-profile partnerships and is sure to direct plenty of attention to the platform, given his legacy as one of the best players of all time.

Tendulkar, on his part, has said that NFTs can bring fans closer to the players and sports that they love and that he is excited to team up with Rario. 

It is exciting to see NFT technology bringing fans closer to sports, giving them an opportunity to treasure their favorite moments. The team at Rario was committed to building a cricket community using technology in a responsible way. I am therefore happy to partner with the team, to launch my digital collectibles exclusively on the Rario platform,” he said.


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