Creaticles Bridges the Gap Between NFT Creators and Brands

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As the wide and varied world of NFTs delves further into the mainstream, a new wave of user looks to adopt the tech. However, without the training and knowhow required, building out a blockchain project represents a daunting task. So, to help these newcomers find the right path, Creaticles has arrived to light the way.

Backed by some of the finest minds in the industry, Creaticles works diligently to link up businesses and brands with its portfolio of talented creators. Once a client requires an NFT, they can simply submit a proposal via the platform, while additionally setting out a list of parameters and design requirements.

Once initiated, a Creaticles contest will see a range of creators submit their custom designs for the proposal. From this pool, the client will select a preferred composition, then the Creaticles platform will take care of the rest. Essentially, taking the pain out of the NFT process and guiding the project to fruition.

Founded last April, and launched in November, Creaticles is grounded by a fine team of industry experts, while receiving additional support from a number of big hitting angels and advisors.

We caught up with Jonathan Chen, Head of Operation at Creaticles, to find out more about the platform.

For anybody who doesn’t know, what is Creaticles, and how does the platform work?

Creaticles is the world’s first custom NFT marketplace. At a macro level, we match buyers looking for original NFT art to our roster of verified global artists. I founded the company with my colleague Trevor Keith, who serves as CTO. Our platform enables anyone, anywhere, to source custom NFTs through what we call ‘Creaticles contests’. We leverage a traditional Request for Proposal (RFP) model, allowing users to submit an NFT idea request to our pool of artists, who then have the chance to monetize their talents and produce the requested NFT. Once the user has chosen their preferred NFT, the winning artist can be remunerated in ETH, and soon, CRE8 – our native utility token. All NFTs purchased on our platform will be transferable to all secondary marketplaces, opening the door for artists to increase their earnings with future sales of their art work.

What would you say is the overarching mission of Creaticles?

Creaticles aims to bring the global artist community into the rapidly expanding NFT space, and make NFTs the centerpiece of the Creator Economy. We believe we have honed in on a major gap in the market, and have the tools to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs. The sharp increase in demand for high quality NFT art shows no signs of slowing down, and a range of crypto projects are looking to strengthen community engagement through contests.

How is 2022 shaping up for Creaticles?

2022 is set to be a banner year for our platform, and we’ve really hit the ground running. Last month, we strengthened our Advisory Board, adding Joe Zhou – Co-Founder and CEO of FirstBlood; Jeff Jiho Zirlin, Co-Founder of Axie Infinity; Sébastien Borget, COO and Co-founder of Sandbox; Juergen Hoebarth, seasoned blockchain consultant and Founder of NFT.Art; and Kenny Li – MIT Sloan graduate and cofounder of Manta Network.

Take a look around the Creaticles platform >> Here


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