Create Your Own Epic NFT Merch with Printify

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Whether you’re an individual wanting to rock your favourite NFT, or a project wanting to expand its presence in the physical realm, NFT merchandising is a great way of adding utility and the truest sense of interoperability to your Web3 experience.

That being said, Print on Demand (POD) suppliers that possess the ability to truly encapsulate the intricacies of CryptoArt are very few and far between, which is why industry leading POD networks such as Printify are so highly sought after. 


Covering areas such as leisurewear, sportswear, swimwear, home living, day-to-day accessories and even pet accessories, Printify’s 500+ product range caters to all degens irrespective of gender, size, and age (babies included), meaning inevitably, the platform will always have an NFT-ifiable product that’ll take your fancy, no matter how random it may be.

How it Works

Once you identify your preferred direction of merch (which, if going down the t-shirt/hoodie/sweatshirt route, you’ll have plenty of brands to chose from), you can add your brand logo, NFT, or any other form marketing symbol to the item. From here, the merch piece’s design can be optimised using the platform’s easy-to-use ‘Mockup Generator’.

Once the initial design stage is complete, you will receive a sample. Once the sample passes your own personal quality control process, you will then be able to list it on your project’s site, where then, the millions of Shopify, Etsy, and Wix customers (along with others e-commerce giants) will be able to browse and purchase your NFT-branded products.

From here, and when a sale actually takes place, Printify will run its own quality control process before shipping it directly to your customer. You will easily be able to keep track of the process thanks to your regularly updated Printify account.

In addition to its endless physical merch opportunities, the industry leading platform also runs discounts for bulk buyers, an eco-friendly emphasis on many of its 45 brand partnerships, and an insightful blog series which touches on topics such as materials, merch-line strategies, and how to avoid copyright infringement using POD.

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