Cool Cats NFT Drops a Bombshell with Cooltopia Launch

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After what feels like eons of anticipation, speculation and trepidation the folks over at Cool Cats have finally launched Cooltopia. A wildly affluent gamified social hub for collectors of felines with an enduring aloof nature.

The mystical land of Cooltopia will provide a sovereign nation for the Cool Cats empire. Allowing owners of both the nonfungible felines as well as their Cool Pets counterparts to engage in numerous WEB3 activities. All powered by a $MILK driven economy, earned by completing quests, or simply holding a qualifying NFT.

it’s time 🆒 🐱 🥚

— Cool Cats (@coolcatsnft) April 14, 2022

Within the Cooltopia landscape, NFT holders can participate in games, socialize, shop, or just hang out looking cool. All in an ever-evolving ecosystem that will grow larger and wilder over time. Therefore, providing members of the Cool Cats community with a bespoke WEB3 universe thay can call home.

Cool Cats represents one of the enduring successes of the NFT world, recording a mighty trading volume of almost 100k ETH ($300m). While additionally maintaining a floor price around the 8 ETH mark ($24k). Following the launch of Cooltopia, interest in the Cool Cats will undoubtedly skyrocket, as it signals the next evolution of the project.

Learn more about Cooltopia >> Here


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