Comedy Decentral to Host First Comedy Festival in Decentraland

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The first ever comedy festival is coming to the blockchain through the Metaverse Comedy Festival in Decentraland. The multi-day festival will feature epic stand up acts, exclusive NFT giveaways with VIP access attached to them, and an array of other features which are yet to be announced. 

The festival takes place between February 23rd and 26th, and is being hosted by ‘Comedy Decentral,’ whose name is an apt web3 and comedic spin on the iconic television channel ‘Comedy Central’. 

As of now, Comedy Decentral have only released details for one specific act, which will be a live-streamed set from John Moses, who will be joined by Ryan Long, Megan Hanley, JL Cauvin and Grady Pruitt. The set will take place on February 24th at 20:00-21:30PM ET, and will be pinged-in to Decentraland from St Marks Comedy Club in New York. 

To watch the act, Decentraland comedy enthusiasts can assemble at the virtual Comedy Decentral Club (which fully encapsulates the essence of a typical comedy club), where they can feast their eyes on all-things-funny via the huge flat-screen TV which resides on the club’s terrace.

In addition to live-stream acts, Comedy Decentral also hosts pre-recorded content, avatar performances, fan Q&As, interactive podcasts, and unique custom NFTs for comedy fans to collect. Again, we can expect all of these to be embedded within the inaugural Metaverse Comedy Festival.   

Away from festival, Comedy Decentral has already established itself as the premium comedy entertainment provider throughout Decentraland, as well as the metaverse in general. With a holistic team of festival producers, comics, fans, and event planners, the company strives to innovate their comedy game by focusing on community elements which make the metaverse an exciting and evolving place for consuming and engaging in entertainment. In doing so, they have produced multiple successful shows across an array of different venues, featuring headline acts such as Mark Normand, Tyler Morrison, and the stars of Kenny Vs. Spenny.

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