Coincheck – Largest Crypto Exchange and NFT Marketplace in Japan

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Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, allows users to trade Bitcoin,Ethereum, Ripple, and many other altcoins on the platform. In addition to trading cryptoassets, Coincheck also offers a variety of other services to revitalise and enhance the under-regulated Web3 realm which currently exists within the country. The platform hasover 1.6 million verified accounts as of March, 2022.

Coincheck Crypto Exchange 

Coincheck handles one of the largest numbers of currencies in Japan, dealing with more than16 types of crypto assets. It has an easy-to-use interface based on a simple design, making it easy to useeven for those new to crypto asset trading. The platform also offers a wide range of other business avenues, such as a loaned crypto asset service which can provide users with up to 5% interest per annum. 

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The platform’s research proficiencies provide information and insight into the latest crypto assets, NFTs, GameFi and other blockchain trends to be distributed to its users, which they can then leverage in order to make more informed decisions.

Coincheck’s exchange has the advantage of zero transaction fees.This makes it a good choice for those who frequently buy and sell Bitcoin. Coincheck is a subsidiary of Monex Group, which is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Prime Market. 

Coincheck NFT (β version)

Similar to its crypto exchange counterpart, the Coincheck NFT platform (currently in beta) has threestandout features, with the first being zero network fees when selling or purchasing NFTs on the platform. 

The second is that the platform is designed around a simple payment process, wherewith the aid of Coincheck’s crypto asset trading service being integrated within anabundance of cryptocurrencies, buying NFTs using Bitcoin or the array of other altcoins on offer, is made seamless. 

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The final fundamental feature is that with the walletmanaged by Coincheck, customers can trade securely and safely without having to manage their private keys. 

What You Can Buy on Coincheck NFT

As of May 2022, Coincheck’s product lineup hosts more than ninedifferent NFT titles added to the platform, including The Sandbox, Decentraland andArtblocks. Coincheck is expected to increase the number of titles it handles in the future, and will play a role in promoting NFTs on the Japanese market.

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