Coinbase Opens its NFT Marketplace to the Public

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Just weeks after launching its Beta version to a select number of ‘allowlist’ users, Coinbase has now opened up its NFT marketplace Coinbase NFT to the public. The public opening comes a lot sooner than expected, as the company initially posited that it would take weeks to months for the platform’s democratization to take place.

For now, it remains unclear as to why or how developments moved quicker than planned, with a company spokesperson simply stating that the product is now ready for heavier traffic volumes. With this in mind, and with its pre-existing 89 million user base at its disposal, the crypto exchange hopes that an influx of new users will allow it to conduct larger volumes of tests, in order to make more informed decisions when adding or enhancing features on the platform.

When addressing the public opening in a statement, the company said: “Coinbase believes NFTs are here to stay, and the Coinbase marketplace is about much more than just buying and selling. Coinbase is focused on cultivating a community and is excited to be opening the beta up for more people to enjoy the experience they have created”.

If circulating rumours appear to be correct, Coinbase will have around one month to refine the platform, as many have penned in June 2022 as its time of full launch. With the company also announcing that it’ll debut its BAYC-inspired ‘The Degen Trilogy‘ film series at ‘NFT.NYC’ between June 21-23, then perhaps we could ponder whether Coinbase is planning on making those dates a momentous and inaugurating occasion within its NFT journey.

Learn about Coinbase NFT >> Here


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