Circles.Life unveils a 3D metaverse billboard

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Circles.Life unveiled a 3D billboard in Melbourne, depicting people as 3D avatars. It is located atop Melbourne’s Emporium retail area. “It aims to make people feel like the protagonists in their own stories”.


The billboard features individuals as 3D avatars

A slew of Circles are launching the billboard. AJ Clementine, creator, model, and LGBTQI+ campaigner, gaming influencer Joel Bergs, and Josh and Matt, the creative pair of Josh and Matt Design, are all customers.

“I believe it’s really essential to be able to express yourself and be the protagonist of your own tale, and being able to do that as part of Australia’s first 3D billboard with Circles is a great way to achieve that.”

The campaign will feature a mix of full body and head-only avatars

“It’s extremely crucial to feel like the main character in your narrative. Because you only get one life, so live it to the fullest!” Josh and Matt say. We believe it is crucial to express our individuality in the way we dress, decorate, and live, as well as our principles.”

Mary Georgiou, Hassaan Ahmed, and Nicholas Gerardi are among the Ciricles.Life clients on the poster.

“You can always tell who the main character is in a movie or TV program by who’s featured on the billboard”. Says Emilie Chell, Head of Marketing, Growth, and Experience at Circles.Life. Our consumers come first at Circles.Life. We also have the highest-rated app of any telecom in Australia, putting the power in the palms of our consumers’ hands.”

“Every day, we provide more than 100,000 clients with a new means of communicating around the country”. ”The 3D billboard was an innovative approach for our customers to communicate. We want to push the boundaries of what’s possible as a technology firm, and we’re not scared to be ‘first.’”

The 3D billboard will be live running the avatars and bespoke messages


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