Christie’s Launches Venture Fund to Secure the Future of CryptoArt

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Highly esteemed art auction house, Christie’s, has launched its own Web3-focused venture fund to provide financial aid to tech companies that enable the seamless consumption of art.

Over the last 16 Months, Christie’s has had a major impact on the CryptoArt world, first making waves by facilitating the now infamous sale of Beeple’s ‘Everydays’ artwork. Now however, in a bid to propel the industry ever onward, it has launched Christie’s Ventures. Basically, a venture capital arm of the storied organization, with a goal to further the benefits of Web3 technology within the art world.

The first platform to benefit from its new investment strategy sees blockchain start-up, Layer Zero Labs, receive extra funding. A forward thinking Web3 platform that aims to provide the seamless transfers of assets between chains, resulting in the removal of certain barriers affecting wholly digital artists operating within the blockchain space.

Going forward, any interesting tech companies deemed worthy by the Christie’s team will receive a share of funding. Therefore, helping secure the future of CryptoArt, and enabling many more artists to join the ever-expanding digital market.

We will focus on products and services, which can solve real business challenges, improve client experiences and expand growth opportunities.” – Devang Thakkar – Head of Christie’s Ventures


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