Christie’s Goes Fully On-Chain with NFT Marketplace Launch

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Celebrated high-end auction house, Christie’s, has launched a fully on-chain NFT marketplace. Therefore, allowing the historic company to conduct its NFT business entirely on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dubbed Christie’s 3.0, the new venture sees the storied auctioneer partner with 3 major Web3 firms, with NFT minting platform, Manifold, data firm, Chainanalysis and metaverse specialists, Spatial, all on board. The sleek operation is designed to house the top tier of NFT-backed digital art.

Through the mighty collaboration, Christie’s can conduct its NFT business from start to finish on the Ethereum chain, with all pre and post sale transactions as well as payments conducted on the now energy-efficient network. A bespoke gallery from Spatial will also allow prospective buyers to peruse artworks within a metaverse framework.

The first ever global auction house to host fully on-chain sales: introducing Christie’s 3.0

Built from the ground up together with three leading companies in the Web3 community @manifoldxyz , @chainalysis & @spatialxr. (1/4)

— Christie’s (@ChristiesInc) September 27, 2022

To launch Christie’s 3.0, the team has acquired the services of esteemed visual artist, Diana Sinclair, which light up the all-new platform with the 9 strong ‘Phases’ collection. Each item is up for sale right now in an auction that ends on October 11, and viewable via the accompanying Spatial metaverse gallery.

By incorporating regulatory tools, such as anti-money laundering and sales tax, we have built an inclusive solution where both veteran and new NFT collectors can feel secure in transacting with Christie’s 3.0.” – Nicole Sales Giles – Director of digital art sales


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