Chapter One of the Crypto Hodlers NFT Comic Arrives in Style

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Pioneers of the human-based PFP, Crypto Hodlers, are back with the latest instalment of their wider universe. The result is a despicable tale of murder, mystery, subterfuge and skulduggery. Welcome to the Crypto Hodlers comic.

Crypto Hodlers

Crypto Hodlers made waves back in July with their innovative approach to the PFP drop. 10k unique characters graced the launch, algorithmically generated from a vast array of digitally enhanced character traits. Each providing genuine ownership of a one-of-a-kind artwork. Plus, full IP rights to the characters contained within.

What made this project special however, is the solid roadmap that supported it. Throughout the subsequent months, the team has introduced contests, renaming ceremonies, community grants, merchandise, and breeding. But the main event everyone’s been waiting for is the grandest of all. The Crypto Hodlers comic. Well, wait no longer. It launches Now!

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The Comic

The story follows the tribulations of Flavian, an ambitious private detective of much renown. Reluctantly called back to the sprawling city of Fomas, to investigate a series of mysterious deaths. What follows, is a tale of unexpected revelations, back-stabbing intrigue, and foul play, where nothing is as it seems. And, every turn adds to the bewildering tale.

This very first edition of the Crypto Hodlers story lands today, December 8. And, quite exceptionally, will airdrop to any wallet containing an NFT from the collection. Following the inaugural launch, additional stories will continue to flesh out the Crypto Hodlers universe with fresh lore and character information. While lucky owners may even see an appearance of their own coveted NFTs. So, fire up the old crypto wallet, dive into the story, and fully engage with the Hodlers world.

1641927489 Chodl 300x169 1

Going Forward

Crypto Hodlers very first comic book marks a grand milestone in the progression of the project. However, the fun doesn’t end there, as many more stories are set to arrive from the Crypto Hodlers Universe. And additionally, a fandom wiki is in the works to keep tabs on the ever-expanding eco-system. From then on, to all Hodlers, there is more to come, this is just the beginning.

Visit the Crypto Hodlers website >> Here

Check out the collection on Opensea >> Here


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