Celebrate All Things Axie with an IRL Community Meetup Grant

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Master domesticator of the wild axolotl, Axie Infinity, will embrace the real world for its latest endeavour. Introducing the ‘Community Meetup Grant’ to encourage fans and the Axie curious to engage on a physical level.

Through this latest initiative, Axie parent, Sky Mavis, will provide the means necessary to make community meetups possible. This will include promotional assistance, financial support and non-fungible assets to fuel tremendous giveaways, as well as sending emissaries from within the Sky Mavis empire if hosted at a practical location.

To get set up, would-be event organizers must have a clean track record within the Axie ecosystem, in addition to maintaining an active presence within the platform for a period of at least three months. Then, they can submit their application via the ‘Community Meetup’ application form. Thereafter, the team will grill shortlisted applicants in a 20-minute interview. If successful, Sky Mavis will then lend them the support to set up their own event.

In just 1 day, we’ve received 133 submissions for Axie IRL!

Gather and build relationships 🤝https://t.co/9Ou7hCnzm7

— Axie Infinity🦇🔊 (@AxieInfinity) April 30, 2022

Once given the green light, the event organizer must adhere to meetup guidelines. This includes ensuring guest safety, maintaining a positive vibe and arranging professional photos of the occasion. Furthermore, as this represents a community of cartoon, gamified axolotls, every meetup must remain free of drugs, pornography, guns and violence of any kind.

Interested in hosting a community meetup? Sign up >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/celebrate-all-things-axie-with-an-irl-community-meetup-grant/

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