Carrefour has made its first steps in the metaverse

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Carrefour, the French retail behemoth, is the latest to enter the metaverse by purchasing a virtual plot in The Sandbox. In the metaverse, the firm purchased plot 33,147, heralding a new user experience. Meanwhile, Elodie Perthuisot, Carrefour’s head of e-commerce, stated that “concrete projects will come soon.”

It is not the only institution. Multiple popular brands already made their first steps in this new digital realm. For instance, Walmart and Nike recently released their approach.

“In the metaverse, we’ve acquired the equivalent of 30 supermarkets. Keep an eye out for further trials and breakthroughs in the future “According to reports, the corporation stated.

More information on Carrefour’s metaverse initiative has yet to surface. The corporation has only revealed plot details thus far. Other projects, according to Perthuisot, will surface soon, according to a LinkedIn post.

“This is The Sandbox’s first foray into the metaverse,” she wrote. “A virtual field for Carrefour, and above all, a field for innovation, in line with our digital transformation goal.”

She continued, “As we experiment to understand future retail and consumption evolutions, the field will be at the center of our metaverse efforts. Concrete projects will be announced shortly.”

The metaverse and major brands.

Carrefour isn’t the first or only retailer to hop on board with the metaverse. In fact, Walmart registered many trademarks last month, indicating a metaverse strategy. It wants to sell virtual products, such as toys, apparel, electronics, and sports equipment, according to these documents.

Several prominent brands have also ventured into the metaverse. Late last year, Nike, for example, filed multiple trademark registrations. It also collaborated with Roblox to create “Nikeland,” a digital realm. RTFKT, a digital sneaker startup, was also bought. Adidas, on the other hand, teamed up with Coinbase to purchase a virtual plot in The Sandbox.


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