Carrefour Enters The Sandbox with NFBEE Supermarket & NFT Collection

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World spanning French retail giant, Carrefour, is causing a buzz in the metaverse with its Sandbox-based mission to save the bees. The giant retailer recently launched a supermarket in the virtual realm in celebration of the essential pollinators.

Carrefour will kick off its brand new non-fungible enterprise with the launch of its very own NFT collection. As a result, 15 unique ‘NFBEE’ designs of varying rarity will land in the metaverse on May 7. All arriving via The Sandbox Marketplace trading hub in a flurry of black and yellow.

Welcome to The #CarrefourNFBEE Supermarket, our first collection of #NFT, dedicated to saving bees!🐝

In May, you will able to choose from 15 NFBEEs. The money raised by the sale will be entirely donated to the BEEFUND of the NGO Fondation de France 🙏


— Carrefour (@CarrefourGroup) April 5, 2022

Each of the voxelated NFBEEs will represent a mix of cute insect features, along with the food plants they spend their lives tending to, and in accordance with its worthy mission, Carrefour will donate 100% of all funds raised to the BEEFUND arm of the Foundation De France.

In addition to the wonderful NFBEE collection, Carrefour will also build its own grand venue in The Sandbox. A supermarket styled temple dedicated to bee-kind and the preserving of bio-diversity. As a result, Carrefour will prepare a bee-themed experience for the Sandbox Alpha Season 4, coming to the metaverse this summer.

The decline of the world’s bee population is no laughing matter. So, any help for these most honourable members of the insect kingdom represents a cause to celebrate.

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