Cake Monster Launches Eternal Cake Lottery for NFT Holders

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Who doesn’t love cute memes, adorable and fluffy NFTs, and delicious community rewards? Welcome to Cake Monster – a project focused on building a novel, flexible and leveraging NFT reward system that is fun, engaging and full of surprises.

Diamond Claw NFTs

The project has just launched its latest development – The Eternal CAKE Lottery. In order to enter the lottery and mint a ticket, users must own a Diamond Claw NFT (DCNFT). These 3D DCNFTs come in five different levels within the ecosystem. The collective capacity of these NFTs has been limited to 3,000, to ensure a holistic sense of exclusivity and stable prices of the NFTs on secondary markets.

DCNFTs offer further utility by giving holders the ability to “make” Cakes in the kitchen, a function which becomes available when certain conditions are met within the tokenomics ecosystem. Through making Cakes, players receive $MONSTA (native token) rewards, and the higher the level of DCNFT you own, the less time you have to wait to access the kitchen and begin baking.

That being said, the amount of $MONSTA a DCNFT owner holds when the function to make a Cake appears, will determine the actual, real-time perks they receive. Those who do not hold the sufficient amount of $MONSTA to reap the benefits of their owned DCNFT, will instead reap the benefits of the highest level of DCNFT they have the funds for.

The dynamic model has no effect on NFT ownership, and players can also gain eligibility to upgrade their DCNFT Level.

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The Eternal CAKE Lottery 

So what is the lottery about? The lottery is based upon tickets which, once minted, grant the bearer access to lottery draws forever.

The minting of the lottery tickets can be done by active Diamond Claw NFT (DCNFT) holders using the new lotto section in the Cake Monster web application. Tickets can also be bought and sold via the verified listing on NFT marketplace tofuNFT. However, a DCNFT activated by holding the requisite amount of $MONSTA, is required.

The Eternal CAKE Lottery draws are frequent, with lottery numbers being drawn every three days. All participants have to do to see if they’ve won is check the Cake Monster app. The winners are paid in $CAKE, with the victor of the first draw receiving a prize of 67.66 $CAKE. 

Once a winner is determined for each draw, they have 60 hours to claim their reward. If they fail to claim their prize, or if there is simply no winning ticket, the $CAKE is added to the prize pot for the next draw. 

There is a 1/10 chance that the lottery draw will render a winner, so as the odds suggest, the lottery prize pool is expected to grow rather tasty before one lucky winner eventually gobbles it up. That being said, the draw’s schedule is infinite, meaning there will be a hypothetical infinite amount of winners to be drawn – in other words, $CAKE galore. 

Philanthropical community members also have the ability to increase the lottery prize pool, either through making direct $CAKE donations, or through DCNFT level 5 owners missing their dividends, which’ll then be redirected to the lottery pool address. 

What’s To Come 

Developments such as The Eternal CAKE Lottery represent only a small part of what’s in the oven for this powerful and rapidly accelerating project. The company’s roadmap lays out its plans to further build out its community, slicing into the mainstream, expanding its functionality, being philanthropic, and most importantly, partying!

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