ByteDance is preparing the release of Party Island

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As worldwide interest in the metaverse grows, ByteDance, the company behind TikTok and its Chinese equivalent Douyin, has released Party Island. It’s a new social software that allows users to connect in a virtual community using avatars.

The AI music production mini-creative app’s abilities include the generation of Chinese New Year-themed lyrics and graphic components.

While Party Island’s main features fit the standard definition of a metaverse – a network of three-dimensional virtual worlds where people can interact – a Douyin representative told SCMP that the app “has nothing to do with metaverse,” adding that it is currently in beta testing and requires an invitation code to access.

Beijing Shi Qu Wu Xian Technology Co. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ByteDance, developed the software. Which came earlier this week on China’s iOS and Android app stores.

ByteDance is making another another attempt to break Tencent’s stronghold on China’s social media market. Apart from Douyin, the company’s prior forays into social media have largely failed. For example, ByteDance launched Feiliao, also known as Flipchat worldwide, in 2019, but had to shut it down last year.

The acquisition of VR startup Pico Interactive by Bytedance in August is a step into the metaverse. However, Alex Zhu, the company’s head of product and strategy, stated the decision was driven by VR and AR. And not a desire to expand the metaverse.

The AI music creation mini-creative app’s powers are now to generating Chinese New Year-themed lyrics and visual elements.

Users can choose from a library of instrumental tracks and genres (like as R&B and folk) via the mini-app.

NetEase Tianyin has released a series of music NFTs on NetEase Cloud Music in order to promote the AI music production platform. According to local media, they are the country’s first music NFTs, and they are “unique, unalterable, and non-fungible digital assets.”


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