Budweiser Heads to the Races in Zed Run Partnership

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World-renowned purveyor of generic ale, Budweiser, has formed a strategic alliance with horse racing romp, Zed Run. The company is bringing its famous Clydesdale horses on to the track, backed by a series of NFT drops and tournaments.

The recently penned accord will see a number of Budweiser-themed promotions occurring over the next six to seven months, starting with the circulation of 2,500 Zed Run – Budweiser passes, available now for those holding either a Budweiser Heritage can, Genesis Racehorse, or, NASCAR Zed Run Pass. For everyone else, the public sale begins at 6pm EST on June 10 priced at a flat $225 plus gas. However, interested parties can already snag one on the secondary market at a marginally inflated price.

Each pass will entitle the owners to a number of Budweiser-themed bonus content, starting off with an airdrop of excusive Zed Run skins in one of three rarity levels, additionally coupled by a stylish Decentraland compatible wearable t-shirt. Then, in July and September, holders can enter two incredible horse tracing tournaments featuring a $45k prize pool in each one, all ending in a great December finale with a racing prize pool of $95k and a one-year supply of beer.

Once the dust has settled, owners will then have the opportunity to burn their pass in exchange for a mystery reward.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/budweiser-zed-run-partnership/

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