Boson Protocol Launch Bespoke Gallery in Decentraland

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Boson Protocol continues on its pioneering journey through the metaverse, launching its own bespoke gallery in Decentraland. A singular location offering a touch of style in the virtual realm.

Visitors can now head down to the “Boson Protocol Gallery” in Vegas City, and peruse the latest grand exhibition, resulting in an amazing new venue designed to showcase the best that digital fashion has to offer. The latest, and inaugural display features the company’s $1 million purchase, the Dolce and Gabbana Glass Suit.

The exhibition, however, is more than just a glorified coat rack. Inside, fashionistas can learn all there is to know about this grand acquisition, including the initial design sketches, and the well documented thought processes involved while making it, in addition to hours of video footage revealing the painstaking detail of the finished piece.

🧵The Boson Protocol Gallery Launch:
The Glass Suit, Collezione Genesi @dolcegabbana

In September, we made NFT history by acquiring The Glass Suit for 351 ETH, or $1million

Visit the all new Boson Gallery in #BosonPortal today

— Boson Protocol (@BosonProtocol) December 22, 2021

Dolce and Gabbana’s suit marks an important milestone in the digital fashion industry, as it represents what many people believe to be the future of fashion. Physical wearables with an NFT counterpart to adorn the digital persona. Boson Protocol therefore has designs to build a platform that will make this idea more accessible.

As a result of all this innovation, Boson, intends to sell the famous suit as a demonstration of its latest technology. So, when Boson Protocol v2 arrives, the glass suit will continue its journey through the metaverse. Details of which can be found at the Boson Protocol Gallery in Decentraland.

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